Hearing The Voice Of God

Jesus puts in plain terms, if you belong to Him, you can hear Him. If you believe the Bible then God speaks to you and with some effort, training and practice you will be able to listen.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
– John 10:27-28

This is a skill that you need to develop over time with practice. The fundamental truth is God loves you, he longs to reach out and talk to you. Even before you received the Holy Spirit, its likely that God would have tried talking to you. Most of the time people can’t differentiate or reject it outright, when God speaks. People often think its their own mind or they encourage thoughts like its impossible for someone as great as the God of the universe to be interested in talking to them.

God thinks you are important enough to talk to you, He loves you enough to care about the tiny details of your life. The problem most of the time is that we are too busy and have no time for God. Many times even when we hear God, we use logic and reason him out saying this is not possible.

At times your sins and your guilt make you feel dirty and unclean, you may feel like you are undeserving of this privilege. Keep in mind, God is willing to forgive you and clean you up. Jesus came to earth and died on the cross for you just so that your sins can be forgiven and you can have a relationship with God.

We make statements similar to “God, I have 5 minutes, you need to talk to me right now and tell me everything I want to know”. Many people do what they want to do, even when they know it is wrong and only when they run into trouble do they think of God. They look at God as a troubleshooter and not a guide. Others ask God for advice but they end up doing what they wanted to anyway. These are some attitudes that God does not appreciate or like to work with.

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.
– Jeremiah 29:13

God looks at your heart, if you sincerely long for him and want to hear him, he will most certainly answer. Remember for every one step you take towards God, he takes five steps to get closer to you. Throughout the Bible, God has spoken to numerous people in different ways and even today God speaks to millions of people and guides them. God is the same then, now and forever and he is willing to speak to you. Hopefully the point no longer is Is God willing to talk to me? rather Am I willing to listen?

The focus of your spiritual life should be to answer yes to both these questions:

  • Am I looking forward to hear God with all my heart?
  • Am I willing to obey him when he speaks to me and guides me?

Real Life Inspiration

There were two friends, one of them a staunch atheist and the other a believer. Although the believer had the Holy Spirit, he had been through a lot of trials and his confidence was low as he had not heard from God in a while. They were drawn together because of their love for music. Lets call the atheist A and the believer B in this story.

The atheist A was called by God and soon became a believer, he was eventually gifted with the Holy Spirit. Around this period the believer B got a message from God for his friend A. B wrote down the message and wanted to give it to his friend. The Holy Spirit however, told B that he should not show this message to A, unless A first on his own told him the contents. B was not very sure but he obeyed the voice of God and sealed the message in an envelope.

Time passed and the envelope was forgotten. God was however speaking to A and slowly giving him the message. It a big leap of faith to follow what the voice was saying. A was not convinced that the voice inside his head was actually God and not his own mind.

One day when the two friends met, the sealed envelope fell down from a shelf. A found it on the floor and he could sense the Voice of God was gently nudging him. He could somehow tell the message in the envelope was for him. A suddenly asked B, “Should I become a preacher?”.

B was shocked and thrilled at the same time, he asked A to open and read the message and sure enough it was a beautiful message directly from God. The envelope had God’s plan for A along with some words of encouragement. After this there was no doubt in A’s mind that it was God speaking to him all along.

This incident helped both friends at multiple levels. It restored faith in the life of B who knew that God still spoke to him and used him. It convinced both A and B that the Holy Spirit had divinely inspired them with the same message. Their faith was greatly increased and they understood how the Apostles in the Bible discerned the Voice of God. The scriptures were validated for them and they came to appreciate the perfect wisdom and timing of God.

Life Application

  • God speaks personally to all his children, it is up to you to put in efforts to discern His voice.   

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